Burn, Baby, Burn!

During my recent trip to Thailand, co-leading a workshop with The Giving Lens, we had the good fortune of having one of our guides also know a thing or two about photography! So, for sunset, he drove us to a beautiful spot with a great view. The sunset was beautiful, and after it had started to fade we stuck around to get some layered shots of the mountains and hills, along with a golden sky. And, with my 70-200mm lens, I even spotted a few parts of the hills that were ablaze! I’m not sure if it was a controlled burn, or if it was accidental. We saw these types of fires throughout our trip, and could see and smell the smoke in the air. It added a nice haze to the sky, at least, which was good (since we didn’t have any clouds).

Speaking of “Fire on the Mountain” …

If you’re ever in Portland, and you like chicken wings, you must check out one of my favorite places called Fire on the Mountain! In fact, the house that Brian and I are buying is just a short walk from one of the locations. (Ok, maybe not a great thing to be so close to chicken-wing-goodness … my waistline won’t thank me for it!) We close on our house in exactly four weeks! My how things can change in just one year. I’m looking forward to the move, Portland felt like home the moment I set foot in it. It will be good to be back for the long haul.