It’s official!

I just released my newest eBook in the Nicolesy Store, and this one features onOne Software! It’s in the Light & Process series, and I share the story, setup and processing behind ten different photographs. In this eBook, the majority of the post-processing is done using onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite 8, but you’ll still see some Lightroom and Photoshop in there, too.

The eBook comes in PDF (both vertical and horizontal versions), and also has 2.5 hours of video tutorials, where I walk through each photograph from start to finish. There is even a bonus add-on, with practice files and presets, so you can follow along and try your hand at working with the images in the Perfect Photo Suite 8. Scroll down to view more details and see some screen-grabs of the eBook and videos. And, if you use the code ONONETWENTY you can save 20% at checkout! Discount offer valid through March 31, 2014.

Want my eBook for FREE? Here’s how!

I have also teamed up with onOne Software to offer all new onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 8 customers an amazing deal: If you buy the Perfect Photo Suite 8 between now and March 27, you’ll save $20 on the software plus you get my eBook and Tutorials set for FREE! That’s a total savings of $50. If you’d like to take a look, head over to for more information.

This is a GREAT deal for those of you who are on the fence about purchasing the new Perfect Photo Suite 8. (BTW, they also offer a 30-day trial, so you can download the free trial now and see how you like it before making the full commitment.) :)

Hurry, though, this offer is only good through March 27, 2014!

Click here to view this deal over at onOne Software 

Here are some samples images from the eBook and video tutorials:

More detailed information is available on the product page at the Nicolesy Store.