I’m Off to Thailand!

And here's a photo from my trip to Cambodia in 2012 ...

|I’m Off to Thailand!

I’m Off to Thailand!

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Prae Roup Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia (November 2012)

This morning I get on a plane for the long journey to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have my bags packed and ready to go, including a new knitting project to keep me busy on the flight. I’ll be co-leading a workshop alongside Kate Siobhan for The Giving Lens, it should be a lot of fun and also very rewarding at the same time.

The photo in this post is from my trip to Cambodia in November 2012. Time sure does fly, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I was last in Southeast Asia! (And I can’t believe how many photographs I have yet to process and share, lol.) I’m really looking forward to going back; I’ve never been to Thailand, so it will be nice to add that country to my list.

If any of you are considering going to SE Asia at any time, don’t think about it, just do it! It’s a very inexpensive place to travel (in comparison to other parts of the world), and if you aren’t comfortable traveling solo then there are a lot of group trips out there that will help you along the way. My first trip out to SE Asia was to Vietnam, and I was traveling solo so I booked my trip through a group travel company. It was really just a good way to get around the country without getting lost, and I intentionally chose a very “basic” trip setup, which included very little (simple hotels, overnight trains, etc.). And, I met some really great people along the way and had a group of people to dine with (always a nice thing). :)

I’ll post some more info about my trip as it progresses, but until then I have a long flight to get through (and a scarf to knit). ;) More to come …

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  1. David Bjorgen February 24, 2014 at 8:10 am - Reply

    Enjoy Chiang Mai; it’s one of my favorite cities. I look forward to seeing your pics when you return.

  2. Michael Scott February 24, 2014 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    I was in Chiang Mai about 15 years ago. After Phuket and Bangkok it was a welcome change of scenery, and a beautiful place.

    I’ve just come back from Thailand, for the second time in 9 months, and spent most of my time in Bangkok, but I spent 4 days in Udon Thani Province, in the northeast of the country, just south of the Laos border at Nong Kai.

    Thailand is officially my favorite country to visit, for Thai food, inexpensive lifestyle, and beautiful people.

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