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I just had a brand-new book released this week titled Canon EOS 70D: From Snapshots to Great Shots. This is my third book about a camera, my fourth in the “Snapshots” series, and my tenth published book total!

This book is all about how to use the Canon 70D camera, as well as many basic photography tips and tricks. It’s a great book for those who are beginning-level photographers and also use the Canon 70D. You can view more on this book by going here, or by heading over to Peachpit or Amazon. The book comes in both print and eBook format, and if you want to get the eBook I would highly recommend getting it from Peachpit … when you purchase from Peachpit you get all standard eBook versions (ePub and Mobi), as well as a PDF! Peachpit does a great job with their layout and design and the PDF is a good way to view the book on a tablet.

BTW, if you don’t use the Canon 70D and you’re looking for a book about your camera, Peachpit has a great lineup of other books in the same series by some wonderful authors. Here’s a link to see all of the Snapshots books over on Peachpit’s website.

Here are some samples of the inside of the book: