onOne Software: Perfect Photo Suite 8

I’m happy to share that the brand-new onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 8 is now available to purchase! I’ve been using the Beta version for quite some time, and they’ve made some great improvements. It’s changed a little, such as you won’t see Focal Point as a module (it’s now located in the Effects Panel), etc. I’ll be posting more about the new features over the next month, and I’m also currently working on an eBook in my Light & Process series, where I will walk through the entire process of editing photos from start to finish using onOne Software (and a little bit of Lightroom). Watch for that in the next few months. :)

Until then, head on over to onOne Software’s home-page where you can view the product, and also watch tutorials on how to use the new features. To get you started, here are some things you can expect from this version:

• A brand-new Enhance module: This is a really great way to make minor adjustments to your exposure, color, detail, and more. I often make subtle adjustments so this is a great tool for me … I’ve been using it on every single photo that has gone into the PPS8 so far. :)

• Focal Point is now included inside of Perfect Effects: onOne took the best parts of Focal Point and added them inside of Perfect Effects. Now you can quickly add a stylized blur to your image without jumping around to a different module.

• New Dynamic Contrast Filter: This one is really great for images where you want to boost the contrast and detail. I’ll share more about this in a more detailed post in the future … until then, check out Matt Kloskowski’s post about it here.

That’s only a small taste of what you can expect. You can find out more over on the onOne Software website, and I’ll also be sharing more on my website here in the weeks to come. :)