A few weeks ago, after the launch of the new SmugMug, I decided that it was about time I posted the hundreds of family photos I had taken over the past ten years that my family had never seen. They were images of my family that I had glanced at after importing onto my computer, but many of them never quite made their way to someplace my family could view them. Since I live far from home, the only chance they will see them is if I post them online, so I created a private gallery and went to town selecting and uploading the files (Lightroom makes stuff like that take so little time!). And, because I finally have a home for my family images, I also have a place to share future images.

We all have photos like these: those that are still sitting on our computers, collecting virtual dust from never having been shared online or even in print. I probably have hundreds of other images (mostly landscape) that I could dig up, process and share online. Some of them are images I just never got around to editing, or maybe they’re photos I just didn’t think were that good until I take a second (or third) peek at them. I’ve been actively looking through my Lightroom catalog over the past month, just to see what I could find. In fact, the image in this post is from a hot-air balloon festival from last year; I have several photos from that day, and have only posted one or two of them. This is one I just recently edited and finally brought to life online.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, right now, look through your old photos and find one—just one—that is worth sharing. Searching and finding beautiful photos worth sharing is a fun experience, kind of like a mini treasure hunt. And finding buried treasure is always incredibly rewarding.