I think that the one thing people hope for when they send some type of feedback to a person or business, or do something such as comment on a post, is that there will eventually be eyes reading and digesting what they wrote. I know I sure hope for that when I comment on something … I mean, why even comment if no one is even going to read what we wrote? Just the thought that someone looked at it is enough to satisfy most people … and if we’re lucky, we get a reply.

As someone who prolifically posts photos and articles online, writes books, and also stays connected with the community through social media, I make a very concerted effort to read every comment that is directed at me or one of my posts here on my blog, Google+, Facebook, YouTube, etc. I’m sure I’ve missed a few, and some have been lost in the shuffle, but for the most part I do read every single one. It’s not too difficult, really, and it’s not like I get hundreds of them every day, so it’s definitely not a chore. With a combination of Gmail filters and notifications, it’s actually quite easy to stay in the loop.

Now, just because I read every comment doesn’t mean I reply to all of them. However, if I am asked a direct and relevant question (and one that wasn’t already answered in my post) then I almost always reply. I guess I just feel it’s important to stay connected to the people I’m reaching out to, as well as portray a sense of personalization with me and my work. My passion is not just photography, but it’s also about teaching others how to be better photographers, artists and visionaries. Having a dialogue and conversation about something is much more preferable way to communicate than having all of the information come from one direction. Social media and sharing is not a one-way-street … I give, you give, I give back, etc.

So, yeah, I just wanted to set that straight. Leave a comment, here or anywhere else I post, and I promise I’ll read it.