I am so excited to announce the official release of my brand-new eBook, The Inspired Photographer. This eBook is my way of helping YOU find the one thing  you hope to maintain as an artist: inspiration. Here’s a quick blurb from the description:

We all want to be inspired, do great things and keep up our momentum of creativity, but we can’t always pull it out of thin air. Oftentimes inspration flows like a raging river, where ideas and energy never seem to end. But then there are those dreadful days, weeks, or even months when the river runs dry and inspiration is not to be found. Something—or someone—needs to give a little push in the right direction to get those juices flowing again, and who’s to say that someone can’t be you?

The book is for all levels of photographers and comes in three formats: PDF, ePUB and MOBI. For more information on this eBook, please head over to the Nicolesy Store.