For the past two days I’ve been getting up early to make my way out to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, Oregon to photograph the tulip fields at sunrise with my friend Brian Bonham. The flowers are in full bloom and absolutely amazing! The only thing that wasn’t amazing was the unimpressive sunrise … on both mornings. On the first day the weather was cold and windy, and the sunrise went from dark to grey (thankfully we had still winds on day two).

But I know what you’re thinking … there’s a gorgeous sky in the photo! Well that, my friends, was made possible with the power of Adobe Photoshop (and a sunset sky I photographed in Australia.) I took the tulip fields and added a more interesting sky to show what I wished we could have seen.

Here’s are the “before and after” photos so you can see what the original image looked like before adding in the new sky: