While I didn’t get a “proper” behind-the-scenes photo of my setup at the Stillwater Café when I photographed my lunch, I did create an overhead graphic to show where I was sitting in relation to the light coming through the windows, as well as the gear I used. Here’s a little bit more about my setup and equipment:

  • Camera Gear: I only brought one camera and lens with me, my Canon 5D Mark III and the Canon Macro 100mm f/2.8L IS lens. I did all of my photography hand-held and set the ISO to “auto” so that I would not have to deal with camera-shake.
  • Lighting Setup: All of the images were photographed with existing natural light in the room. There were windows to my left and a white wall to my right, so I had beautifully diffused light to my left and a soft, subtle “reflector” to my right.

That’s it! Here are the images I photographed with this setup … and you can read more about this dining experience, as well as see some more images, over on my blog post about the Stillwater Café and Restaurant in Tasmania.