Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 100mm f.2,8L Macro, 1.1500th sec at f/4, ISO 400
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When you’re on a tight schedule and you can’t always photograph the sunrise, it’s nice when the sun rises right at your door. This is the view from our back-yard (right off the patio view) at the Seascape Lodge on Kangaroo Island ( I waited patiently for the bees to land on the lavender flower I was focused on, and the light was just perfect. I have a feeling this image will end up printed and hanging on my wall :)

Processing info: This is two images masked together in Photoshop (the tiny fuzzed out bee in the background from another frame, just a little “dot” of masking in all). Other than that all editing was done in Lightroom 4 (the sun-flare was done in-camera, btw). :)