A few weeks back I needed to get out … out of the house, away from my computer, and just get some beautiful, fresh air. Thankfully I now live in near of the most beautiful parts of the country: The Columbia River Gorge.So, I jumped in my car, drove out to the start of a trail and went for a nice long hike to a waterfall I’d had my eye on for some time. I made it up to the falls, but since it’s still winter then there just wasn’t enough foliage for my liking. I got an okay photo (here’s one of the waterfall: http://nicolesy.me/1387sfC) but only took a few frames and went back down to get some detail shots of the stream (as seen in this photo).

Overall, I cannot WAIT until Spring officially arrives. My first trip out to the CRG was in the peak season, and now that I live 30 minutes from this stuff that means I will have such an easy time making my out as much as I can possibly fit into my schedule. :) So watch out, in a month or so you’ll be seeing lots of green moss, macro shots of dewy flowers and long-exposures of waterfalls and streams. This photo looks green, but it gets ridiculous when the weather changes. Yippee!