Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS lens, 1/1000 sec at f/4, ISO 3200

A few months ago Brian and I decided it was finally time to find a dog. We’d been talking about it for a long time, but our living situations just didn’t quite work out. Since we just bought a home with a yard then we started to seriously search, and were lucky enough to find this little guy at a local shelter. And when we got him, I knew exactly what to name him … ever since I named my cat Fuji I wanted to get a dog named Kodak, and he wears the name well! Right now he’s still just a puppy, only two months in this photo (and just had his “three month birthday” yesterday) so he’s definitely been a handful.

So, if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been hiding, you can blame it on Kodak. ;) I think we’re pretty much through the potty-training phase (knock on wood), and he’s much more content to just chill in his kennel so I can get some work done, but it’s been an uplifting distraction that has kept me away from being social on the interwebs.

BTW, for those of you wondering how Fuji  is handling everything, let’s just say it’s a slow process. Fuji is my seven-year-old cat, so he’s not quite in the mood for a puppy, but he’s making some effort. He has the entire basement to himself, and also sneaks up in our bedroom at night, so he’s still getting love from me. :) I think after Kodak calms down and sheds some of his puppy-craziness then they might end up tolerating each other much more easily.