New Lightroom 4 Preset Pack: Nostalgia Portraits

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New Lightroom 4 Preset Pack: Nostalgia Portraits

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This is just one of the ten presets in the new Nostalgia Portraits LR4 Preset Pack
Price: $5.00 (USD)
Set of 10 Adobe® Lightroom® 4 Presets

I just recently added a brand-new preset pack to my site called “Nostalgia Portraits”! Don’t be fooled by the name … I created them with portrait images in mind, but they will work with any type of photograph. I’m trying to create more and more unique presets to add to my store, so take a look … so far I have four packs of ten presets, all for only $5 per pack, and will be adding more over the next few months. :)

Here’s a little more about this preset pack: This set of ten portrait presets for Adobe® Lightroom® 4, inspired by my own childhood, will brighten and add color to any portrait images. These presets may affect the Tone Curve, Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation, HSL, Split Toning, Post-Crop Vignetting and the Process Version of  your images; all other develop settings will remain unchanged. They are fully customizable and can be used on any file type inside of Lightroom.

One quick note for Lightroom 3/2/1 users: while these presets may technically work in your version of the software, they may not turn out as expected. The sliders in the Develop module inside of Lightroom were altered starting with LR4, so things will get moved around a bit differently. Just a fair warning. :)


Nicolesy’s Nostalgia Portraits
Lightroom 4 Preset Pack
Price: $5.00 (USD)
Purchase this Preset Pack
Set of 10 Adobe® Lightroom® 4 Presets

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My name is Nicole and I’m a photographer, author, & educator living in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. When I’m not making photos I’m writing books and tutorials for my online store, Learn more about me and my story here.

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