Between now and Friday night (at 11:59pm PST) Craft & Vision is having a sale on eBooks: 50% off! That makes the majority of them only $2.50 each. If you’ve ever wanted to stock up, now’s the time! I have a few eBooks over on C&V myself, and there are a bunch of other amazing books to check out while you’re there.

And it’s also the best time to grab their brand new eBook, Lightroom 4 Unmasked, by Piet Van den Eynde. This is a beefy book and a complete guide do Lightroom 4, and normally costs $20 … but if you grab it in the next seven days and you get it for $15 with the code  LR4FIVE. :) It’s not marked down 50% with the rest, but it’s a GREAT deal on a solid eBook filled with a ton of good info.