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New: Nicolesy Lightroom 4 Preset Packs!

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This is one of the presets from the Nuclear Grunge Lightroom 4 preset pack.
Click on the photo to see this preset pack, and more!

Hey everyone, I’m so excited to announce that I’m now selling Lightroom 4 preset packs right here on my website! I spent a lot of time putting them all together, testing them out and making them awesome, and I hope you find them useful for your own images, too. They are packs of 10 presets for only $5.00 (USD) per pack. All sales are through Paypal and in US dollars.

Also, to celebrate the launch of the Nicolesy preset sales, you can get 20% off on any or all of the preset packs currently in the store! Just use the code PRESET20 until Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST to receive the discount.

Here are each of the brand-new Nicolesy Lightroom 4 preset packs; click on the images below to find out more information about each pack and to view before/after images of each effect:

Seattle-Inspired B&W
$5.00 (USD)

Lovely Landscape
 $5.00 (USD)
Nuclear Grunge
 $5.00 (USD)

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