Click on the image to watch the focus change!

I had a great time at Photoshop World last week … it’s always so much fun to meet up with friends, going to classes and seeing all the stuff on the Expo floor (probably my favorite place to hang out). I didn’t bring any camera gear with me, but I did have my +Lytro so I went around photographing some of my favorite things on the Expo floor.

This image is +Scott Cowlin showing off my Food Photography book at the +Peachpit booth. To see a bunch more Lytro images from the event, head on over to my portfolio on Lytro’s website.

The way the Lytro works is that it captures the “light field”, which then allows you to click on different areas of focus. The images are interactive, so you can click on the image and watch the focus change as you click. There’s a lot more information over on the Lytro website if you want to learn more.

BTW, for a great viewing experience on sites like Google+ and Pinterest, there are plugins you can add to Chrome … here’s the link: