Check it out here!

Just last week +onOne Software announced their brand-new Perfect Photo Suite 7! They did a MAJOR update to the interface, updated many of the products (and even added a new one) and improved and enhanced the features within the suite. Heck, they even redesigned out the icon that sits in the dock (and it looks sooo good).

Here are some of my favorite new features:

A brand-new sleek design and interface: They really did a great job with the new design. It’s dark, clean, and the thumbnails are now over on the left. In a nutshell, I’m really excited to use the product because it looks so beautiful.

Perfect B&W is finally here! onOne added a brand-new product to the suite called “Perfect B&W”. You can convert your photos to black and white, adjust the tones based on the colors in your image, add also film grain, color toning, vignettes (and more!). They did a great job with this product and it’s very easy to use.

The Perfect Brush (so cool): There’s a new feature in many of the products called the “Perfect Brush”. It allows you to do selective adjustments to your image and only paint over the area you want. (And, it’s very similar to the way the “Background Eraser” functions in Photoshop, if you’re familiar with that tool).

BTW, I’m writing a book all about the onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 7 called “Plug In with onOne Software”, and it will be released later this year (about a month-ish after the software is released.) :) Here’s a link: