Canon 5DMkIII, Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II lens, HDR (3-images blended together), ISO 100
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I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and lived there until I turned 18 and joined the military. Nebraska is known for being very, well, flat, and maybe even boring (at least, that’s what I thought growing up). It’s definitely not a “destination” for photographers like some places are.

I fell in love with photography in High School, but didn’t quite yet have the passion for landscapes. In the past few years my style and vision have grown immensely and I’ve been photographing more and more landscape images, and somehow got in my head that the “boring” place I grew up in just might actually be beautiful.

I’ve been wanting to photograph the beauty of my home state of Nebraska for well over a year now, and last week I finally got the chance. I went out to visit family with my man +Brian Matiash and we drove around with our camera on a very fun adventure. Luckily the sky was gorgeous that day and we ran around in search of beautiful compositions … and we found plenty. I think part of the fun was the challenge of searching for something unique and gorgeous to photograph … it wasn’t laid out in front of us.

I can’t wait to go back home and find more like this photograph … which will, very soon, be hanging on my wall. :) This image is my favorite from my trip and was photographed just South of Schuyler, Nebraska.