Last month I went to a balloon festival in Tigard, OR to photograph the balloon glow with +Brian Matiash, +Brian Bonham and +Lars Gustafson. The weather was iffy and it looked like it could start raining at any time … the balloons just stay on the ground for the glow, but rain would definitely cancel the show. Luckily the weather skirted that fine-line between rain and sunshine and as we were walking through the gate we got the word that yes! … it would be happening. :)

The clouds were so amazing, and as you can see in my photo we still had sunshine, too. Those pink streaks in the sky are beams from the sun setting in the background. I love clouds … they add mood and color, give depth and drama to a photo and can oftentimes make-or-break your image.

Post-Processing: Basic editing in Lightroom 4 & Photoshop CS6. I added a subtle split-tone in LR to bring out the color in the clouds, and did some dodging/burning in Photoshop to emphasize the glow in the balloon.