I went out driving with +Brian Matiash through the back-roads of Nebraska in hopes of finding some beautiful scenery to photograph. I grew up here but never really ran around with my camera (unless I was chasing a lightening storm) so I was excited to drive through with another photographer to find things I never looked for before.

Suffice it to say, we were pleasantly surprised. :)

We found a run-down garage, fields of corn with God-rays beaming behind them, a lone-tree, a beat-up patrol car … and much, much more. A big part of the fun in this adventure was the not-knowing. There’s not as much “obvious” beauty here like there is in some other parts of the world, you really need to search for it to find the good stuff … but it’s definitely there. :)

These are only a small sampling of some of the images I’m very excited about and can’t wait to start working on when I get back to Seattle.