A few days ago I went on a back-roads adventure in Nebraska with +Brian Matiash. Our plan was to end up at the abandoned church, which we learned about from +Clark Crenshaw (thanks!). :) The church was easy to spot off of the Interstate so we thought we would drive around a bit to see what else we could find in the area.

We’d passed a few hay-bails along the roads around Lincoln, and Brian was intrigued by them. When we were driving around I spotted a huge empty field with a couple of them (with no fence, yay!) so we we parked on the side of the road and walked out about 50 yards with our gear to get to one of them.

After getting our shots we jumped back in the car and head out to the church. Once we figured out where to park, we grabbed our gear and started trekking through the (tick-filled) grass. This awesome sign was along the way, so I was sure to get some photos of it before moving on. (And, by getting down low I not only got a different perspective, but the ticks made their way into my hair … yippee!) :/

When we made it to the church, I think Brian was in Heaven. :) The sky was clear, which actually made for a nice, clean background, which I thought looked beautiful … and maybe I’ll even play around with replacing the sky, just for funzies, to see what kinds of results I can get.

Here’s the “Behind the Lens” post of the church so you can take a look at my basic setup and the gear I used: http://bit.ly/L6a31i