I took +Brian Matiash out to a grain silo here in Lincoln, NE the other day. He’s a huge fan (and master of) “urbex” photography and we thought we’d give this a try. It was Sunday afternoon, the place was completely empty and we had a shady spot on this side of the silo so we were able to have a nice, relaxing time.

I grew up in Lincoln but never really ran around with my camera too much (I was too busy photographing the football games for my High School yearbook) so being in my hometown with him is also a big eye-opener for me, too. Plus, I’m new to urbex and it’s fun trying new genres of photography.

We plan on doing lots of landscape photography, too. Believe it or not, it’s actually quite beautiful here in Nebraska. :) It’s not the “obvious” beauty you’d find in photographing a moss-lined waterfall or stunning mountain range, but more of the type you need to search for. I’m excited to just drive around and look for beautiful scenes … maybe we’ll get lucky and find an old decrepit barn in the middle of a cornfield on our journey. :)