I’m in Nebraska visiting family for the next week, and my favorite part is spending time with everyone … including my nieces and nephews. They grow up so quickly and I don’t see them too often, so they usually get most of my attention when I’m in town (as you can probably tell by this photo). :)

Another thing I try to do is create as many photographs of my family as possible (including pets). As the only photographer in my family I also feel a responsibility to get beautiful images of everyone … even if it’s just as a personal obligation to do so.

It’s times like these that I’m extremely happy to be a photographer … day one into my trip and I already got some beautiful photos of the kids. I’m going night fishing (catfish, I think) with my brother and sister-in-law tonight, and I do believe it’s +Brian Matiash‘s first time. We’ll both be toting our cameras, so hopefully we’ll catch a fish or two. ;)

This upcoming week is going to be so much fun … I can feel it in my bones. :)