I’m in Portland right now, and with my friend +David Daniels in town over the weekend it was a great excuse to head over to the Columbia River Gorge (along with my man +Brian Matiash) and find ourselves a waterfall. It’s not like I really need an excuse, since this area is one of my favorite places to be. I also figured that today was a good day to post a #waterfallwednesday  image (curated by the great +Eric Leslie). :)

I used the “Northwest Waterfall Survey” site (http://www.waterfallsnorthwest.com/nws/) to located this waterfall, and the trail to get there wasn’t completely obvious but once I broke through the trees and saw the falls I was giddy like a schoolgirl. We were here for almost two hours but I could have stayed and kept creating photos until the sun was completely set. I also had fun sloshing through the water to get the good shots … my feet were soaked, I need to remember a dry pair of socks next time :)

Also, I’m kind of considering getting a hand-held GPS device to make the more challenging, hidden-away waterfalls and other locations easier to find. Any recommendations or advice for those who already have one or used one in the past?