A few nights ago I went out to the gorge with +Brian Matiash and +David Daniels. After spending a few hours of fun sloshing through water to photograph Ruckel Creek falls, we made our way up to the Vista House and met up with +Elizabeth LePage to watch the sun set. It had been a beautiful day, and (as you can see) ended up being a beautiful sunset.

While most of the crowd of people were watching the actual sun go down, I (as usual) am looking another direction to see what kinds of colors I can find in the sky. I also love that glow of light you can sometimes see when you do get a good sunset, and it’s usually in the opposite direction of the sun (imagine that!). ;)

Post-processing: This image was a combination of two photographs merged together, one to capture the sun-lit landscape and a second (photographed six minutes later) to get the amazingly pink and glorious sky (which just got better and better as the time passed, hence the six-minute gap). I did most of the editing in Lightroom 4 (minus the jump to Photoshop to do the masking and minor levels adjustments). I also added a teensy bit of split-toning to play with the colors, I think it gives it a nice “pop”.