My good friend +David Daniels is visiting me in Seattle and Portland, and yesterday was our “Seattle” day. We hit Pike Place market, Westlake Center, went up the Space Needle and then hit Kerry Park, the iconic “postcard photograph” spot, before heading out to dinner.

Last night was a nice sunset, nothing glorious, but we both got some good color and clouds. And the cool part was we got there early so the sky was clear and Mt. Rainier was visible (the clouds covered it up eventually). I stuck on my filters to blur the clouds and smooth out the sky for many of my images, even for this one (subtle yet effective).

We’re heading out to Portland this morning … and taking the scenic route (yay!). I’ve been wanting to drive down the coast to Portland for a while so bringing another photographer who wants to explore the PNW was the perfect excuse to make the trip. :)