Canon 5DMkIII, Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS lens, f/8 at ISO 200
Exposure blend of three images (30 sec, 4 sec and 1/20 sec)
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I photographed the “supermoon” on Saturday night at Gasworks Park at the tail end of a Google+ photowalk here in Seattle. I wasn’t expecting to get too much, especially with a hoard of photographers on the same hill alongside (basically photographing the same thing) but I think I came out with a pretty cool image.

Photographing the moon can be challenging, since it’s a ball of light that is significantly brighter than the surrounding foreground and sky. So to balance the exposure of this scene I created three exposures: one for the houses and water (30 seconds), one for the sky and clouds (4 seconds) and one for the moon (1/20 sec). Then I used Photoshop to mask and blend the images by hand.