Sometimes a scene is obvious … we can view it with our naked eyes and have expectations on how it would look as a photograph. Other times it takes searching and discovery to find the right spot, the perfect place to aim our camera and create.

This image, while one of my favorites, definitely didn’t jump out at me right away. I walked around and made photographs of the wider scene (like this one from yesterday’s post) and eventually this spot struck my eye. Click on that link I just posted … can you find it? This little mini-waterfall in a sea of flowing water? Once I saw that I knew I had to photograph it.

This photo was created on a mini-adventure with some wonderful photographers, all of whom I met on Google+: Varina Patel, Jay Patel, Patricia Davidson, Brian Matiash and Michael Riffle¬†(who has an enormous amount of grace … I was so excited to get this shot I didn’t look up and behind me to see him setting up his camera!).