Yesterday I posted a free Photoshop PSD template you can use to give your cover photo on Google+ a little bit of awesome sauce. It was kinda fun, and people seemed to like it … so I thought I’d make even more awesome sauce to share!

I created a template that makes your photos look like instant prints! Here’s a link to download the PSD file. I created it using Photoshop CS5, but in theory it should work with any version of Photoshop CS2 and above (I don’t have them all so I can’t check).

Here are instructions on using the template:

  1. First, download your template and unzip/extract the file. (Here’s the link to download the file.)
  2. Open the template file in Photoshop.
  3. Have a folder of images you want to add to your cover photo.
    NOTE: If you want them to size perfectly to the images in the template, prepare your images so they fit within 600px x 600 px, If they are larger or smaller, that’s okay … you’ll just have to resize the smart object to make it fit. (Click “Edit > Free Transform” to resize the image immediately after replacing it.)
  4. In the Layers panel, click on the drop-down arrow of the Group to show its contents.
  5. On the Smart Object layer that says “REPLACE ME!!!”, right-click on the description text (not the thumbnail), and select “Replace Contents…”
  6. Navigate to the photo you want to replace, select it and click “Place”.
  7. Your photo should now be in the border (if it is sized funny, see step 2).
  8. To save your file, click “File > Save As…”,  select where you want to save it, and make sure you pick JPEG from the “Format” drop-down.

The last step is to replace your new perfectly-sized cover photo on your profile over on Google+! :)