Early Morning in Hoi An

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Early Morning in Hoi An

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Canon 5D Mk II, Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS lens, 1/200 sec at f/4, ISO 200

This is definitely my absolute favorite image from my Vietnam trip last year. I’m still, slowly, going through the images and thought I’d post my finalized, edited version of this image … I’ve used it in a few tutorials (and also shared the iPhone version here on my blog), but still wanted to share it “officially”.

This photo is a reminder to myself that getting up early can pay off. I woke up very early to photograph the city and the market, since during the day there are a lot of tourists and locals walking the streets. However, just after sunrise the streets are empty and it made this photograph possible. Plus, I doubt I would have even recognized this same wall during the day … it likely had street vendors or motorbikes up alongside the wall, let alone no drying laundry to balance the composition.

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  1. It’s so neat seeing things like that, things that you wouldn’t normally see. It almost looks fake, to be entirely honest. You just don’t often see walls that yellow and windows that blue.

    Very cool.

  2. cristmae April 7, 2012 at 9:57 am - Reply

    Wow..! unique! it shows reality . I like it. The Image could become better when EPSON Premium Luster Photo Paper is being applied as a great emphasis of the image.

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