Here’s a quickie post for Monday morning … it’s been a busy last few weeks of travel (mostly for Photoshop World) and now I’m finally back in Seattle. I expect this week to be crammed with image editing, along with lots of writing … followed by a lot of local–ish traveling the next week.

But first I’m starting off the week with something fun. Over the weekend I was playing around with a newly discovered iPhone app, Cinemagram, and I decided to see if I could create my own cinemagraph in Photoshop with a video file from Vietnam. It worked, and is actually very fun to make and has a lot of potential for interesting image animations. This one was quite simple and created from an existing file … so I may just have to start creating video clips while out shooting specifically for cinemagrams and implement them into my future workflow. :)

BTW, if you have an iPhone Cinemagram is pretty fun to use on its own … here’s a link to an example of one I created with the app. Have a great week everyone!