I had a nice, early morning today. I got up before the sunrise to meet up with my friend Jacob Lucas at Kerry Park in Seattle to do a sunrise shoot of the city. I’d heard of this spot several times in the few months since I moved hear and this is the first time I made it up. As you would expect it’s not always clear skies in this part of the country, so when the opportunity presents itself it’s difficult to say no. It’s always a wonderful thing when Mount Rainier is visible in the distance.

I got to the park earlier than I had planned, which was good because I got this “still dark” photograph, and I ended up liking it much better than my later shots when the sky started to get bright and colorful. I was also running on “battery fumes” because I forgot to throw a fully-charged battery in my camera bag and it was flashing red/empty at me by the time I called it quits. Thankfully a nice Canon photographer nearby let me use one of his spares for a bit so I didn’t feel too rushed … I like nice people!

I don’t expect to live in Seattle forever, so I’m trying to get some of the beautiful cliché scenes while I’m here and it’s easy transit (I live about a stone’s throw from the Space Needle). I’m sure this won’t be the last time I head up to Kerry Park, either. I may test the waters at sunset to see what the light is like, and I’m sure I’ll eventually head up and shoot some timelapse footage as well.