I’m currently in Hoi An, Vietnam and have been in Vietnam for one week. So far I’ve traveled to Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta, Nha Trang and I have a few days left in Hoi An before heading up North. I still have about two weeks left, and so far I’ve gotten some great photos and had many unforgettable experiences.

When I told many of my photographer friends I was headed here, they all told me they were jealous … and now I know why. This place is a photographer’s paradise. So much activity, the people are gorgeous and friendly, and the scenery is amazing. I’ve actually been enjoying the “mostly cloudy” weather, with a bit of rain, and a few days of sunshine … my skin doesn’t like the bright sunlight, and it allows me to photograph in the middle of the day in areas that would normally be reserved for the softer morning or evening light.

I photographed the above scene off a street in Hoi An (this shot was with my iPhone). I got up very early, about 5:00 am, to walk down and see the hustle and bustle of the fish market. The nice thing about this time of day is that it wasn’t crowded with tourists (I only saw a few other “westerners”, and they both had cameras like me) and the streets away from the market were fairly empty and free of people in general. I doubt that this scene would have looked the same if I had waited a few hours to head out with my camera.