A little over a week ago I moved into my new place in Seattle. And if you haven’t noticed, things have been pretty quiet here on the blog … an out-of-state move plus a heavier-than-usual stream of work would be the culprit. I might still be sitting in a home full of unopened boxes, but I anticipate my productivity level will skyrocket and I’ll start tackling some writing projects I’ve had in my mind, and also photo-shoots that are still sitting on my hard-drive which desperately need to make their way to my stock portfolio.

This journey has been exciting, bittersweet and chaotic … yet definitely worth it. I’m excited to get my space set up so that I can start cooking and photographing food once again, and maybe get enough work done on the computer so I can run around and so some shooting in the area before the sun hibernates for the winter. This has definitely been an adventure, and something tells me my journey to “what’s next?” is nowhere close to being finished.