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Fuji x100, 1/75 sec at f/2.8, ISO 800

This is my little two-year-old niece, Ashlyn. After doing some shopping with my sister and sister-in-law she fell asleep in the car so I was able to get some in-focus photos with my Fuji x100 (kids have a difficult time holding still, which is tough to capture even with a fast SLR!).

BTW, if you’re curious about the x100, Zack Arias has a great blog post about it (here’s a link). I have to say that I agree with nearly every assessment he makes about this camera, except for the part about shooting in JPEG  (I keep mine in RAW 100% of the time … you can fit a LOT on a 16GB card and I doubt I’ll ever fill it up). I plan on adding another review about it on my blog once I’ve had a bit more time with it … if you want to see some of my initial thoughts on it when I first got it a few months back then click here to read that post.

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