A few months ago I asked you guys to post recipes on my blog (link), and if I used a photo created from the recipe for my book then you would win my new food photography book (available in August … oh so close!). There were sooo many tasty looking recipes, and thanks to everyone who entered! I couldn’t squeeze more than a few into the book, and the photos above are the images I created. So congratulations to Judy Keil for posting a link to a delicious crème brûlée recipe (I used blueberries in replacement of the blackberries), and David Farrell for posting a recipe for “orange blossom French toast”. Both of you will receive a copy of my book Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots!

Stay tuned to my blog, too … there will be another giveaway as the book launch date gets closer. :)

And thanks so much to everyone who posted recipes … there are some very tasty recipes in there that I’m sure I’ll end up cooking up eventually. (You can find the recipes to all of these dishes in the comments of my blog post here.)