Last week I went to Moab and spent a lot of time in photographing in Arches National Park. (Here’s a post with a cool video/timelapse I put together of the trip.) I really enjoy photographing the stars, and spent an evening doing just that … and this was the result.

I honestly got pretty lucky with the composition of this image, since you can’t really see how you are framing things, even with excellent night vision. (Which would be a really cool feature in cameras, wouldn’t it? Night vision LCD monitors? I digress…) I knew the general vicinity of the North Star, positioned my camera with a nice silhouette and let the shutter stay open for about twenty minutes.

I could really get into this kind of photography. As a kid I always dreamed of getting a motorized star-tracking mount to use for long exposures of the sky, capturing detail without any star-trails or movement. I even took a trip to a planetarium and was able to get some cool moon and planet photogs with my old Nikon F4. I’m not sure why I love the stars so much … must be the romantic in me, or maybe I just miss seeing a huge, non-light-polluted sky. Either way, stars are rad.