I was cooking dinner tonight and, well, I ended up having a quick impromptu photo-shoot in my living room before devouring this tasty dish. When it all came together it looked so pretty, I just couldn’t help myself … even though I wasn’t planning to photograph it.

Another cool thing about this is that it’s my first attempt at cooking “sous-vide“, or, cooking food that is vacuum-sealed and immersed in hot water for a long period of time. Thankfully, salmon doesn’t take too long … about 20 minutes. Now, I don’t have a fancy-schmancy immersion ciruclator, so a pot of water set on low on my stove-top had to do. :) It’s an extremely healthy way to cook so I expect to do it a LOT more in the future.

For this dish, I used a raspberry-chipotle marinade I bought at the store, poured a little bit into a bag, then stuck it in the freezer to solidify the liquid just enough so it wouldn’t get sucked out of the bag when I vacuum-sealed it. Then, I used my FoodSaver to vacuum it shut, and stuck it in the hot water (a big pot of water set on “low”) for a little over 20 minutes. I topped it with berries and the remaining liquid from the bag and added a side of parsley to add a contrasting color to the plate.