I’ve recently started working with an eBook publishing company, Craft&Vision, who will be publishing an eBook of mine in the very near future. If you are familiar with David duChemin (photographer and author of “Within the Frame“, and he’s also the guy who started up Craft&Vision) then you may already know of these eBooks, but if not … you have to check them out.

All of the books have something to do with photography, and they are very, very diverse. You’ll see many of them written by David himself (who is already a very well-known author with Peachpit), but he also has a lot of other amazing authors and photographers add to the collection as well. But you know what the coolest part is? Each eBook is only $5! I usually don’t “promote” stuff on my blog, but I feel a real dearness with this brand and think it’s a great investment for photographers.

The newest of these, hot-off-the-press as of this morning, is “The Power of Black & White” by Piet Van den Eynde. This is a must-have book if you edit photos in Adobe Lightroom and want to know some of the best ways to convert them to B&W. He goes into great detail about using the Lightroom Develop module to convert a colour image, and also shows a few tricks on editing with Lightroom Plug-ins like Nik and Photomatix (for B&W HDR). And, BTW, it’s only $4 through April 16 (see info at the bottom of this post). Also, if you buy this book in the first five days of its release (starting today) you are automatically entered to win a copy of Nik Silver Efex Pro … I have this software and TOTALLY love it. And, they’re giving away three copies. :)

The books come in either PDF format, or as an iPad app. If you ask me, even if you have an iPad, go ahead and get the PDF document. It’s really easy to throw the PDF into a reader (I use GoodReader) or iBooks. Plus, when you buy the PDF then a chunk of your money doesn’t go to Apple … it alls sticks with the authors (always a nice thing, right?). :) So take a look and, if you have any feedback, let me know what you think.

And, check back here in a few months … my eBook should hit the digital shelves with a probable early summer-time release. :)