Yesterday I attended “The Flash Bus” tour with Joe McNally and David Hobby. It was really, really, really fun and educational. I’m not much of a small-flash photographer (I use a lot of strobes and natural light for my work) but this all-day class isn’t JUST about small flash. It’s about light. You can take any of the concepts and technique and pretty much apply it with any type of light you have. I logged a lot of tidbits of info away in my tiny brain to throw into action in the future.

The day started with David Hobby, a really funny, down-to-earth guy who has a really solid understanding of using light and manipulating it with his surroundings. He does a lot of on-location portrait work and has an awesome blog (one of the first photo blogs I think I ever really read). After lunch it’s Joe McNally on-stage, and here he does a live photo-shoot with several different models (most of them being from the audience … including my good friend Dave!). I’ve seen him in-action at Photoshop World in the past, and what I love is that every one of his live-shoots are different. It’s really fun watching him work through the challenges of a portait shoot (especially when there are technical difficulties … but it’s all a part of the process!).

If you have the opportunity to attend, my advice is to JUST DO IT! You won’t be disappointed. Also, be sure to check out my friend Dave’s blog post about the event, too. :)