Canon 7D, Canon 70-200 f/4L IS lens, 1/30 sec at ƒ/5.6, ISO 100

As many of you may know I’m currently in the middle of writing a new book on food photography (available this August-ish). The fun part about this book is that I get to create a BUNCH of new photographs with all sorts of delicious food. It’s definitely been a pretty tasty last couple of months! :)

One of the fun parts is planning what food I’m going to prepare and photograph and I actually keep a separate binder filled with recipes, and also use services like Evernote to add ideas to the (ever growing) list. Then, every so often while working at my computer I’ll see someone post a recipe on Twitter, or mention a favorite food and I immediately imagine what that food would look like in a photograph. Then I started thinking that it would be really cool if I had some of you, my wonderful readers, offer your own ideas and possibly see a photograph of one of your favorite meals, or from one of your family recipes, in my book!

So, here’s the deal … post a comment below with a recipe, a link to a recipe, or just a basic food idea in general, and if I end up using it in my book then Peachpit will send you a copy of it once it’s release (sometime this summer)! Here’s the catch: it’s totally not going to be random. I’m picking the food that I think would look amazing in a photograph, something that might possibly show a unique styling technique, or maybe even just taste really, really good.

Here are some more details and FYI:

  • Please post the recipe, the link to the recipe or food idea in the comments below for it to be considered. Also, if you have a story about the recipe or a reason why you like it so much then feel free to offer that information as well!
  • There is no specific number of winners. It all just depends on what “fits” in the book around the other photographs and how many photos I need.
  • I would prefer if you don’t link to something with just a photo in it; if it’s already posted with the recipe that’s okay, but I want to go off of a written idea mostly and then create the visual part myself.
  • The recipe itself won’t be posted in the book, just the photograph.
  • Please keep your recipe postings limited to two.
  • This contest is on-going until I finish the book. Basically, if you can still comment below then you have a chance to win. I’ll lock the comments when time’s up, probably sometime in late May of this year.

Good luck!

The contest is over … Thanks for all your recipes! I used two delicious recipes from the comments below and will be blogging about the winners shortly. :)