A few weeks ago I was at Pictureline, and this cute little bag, the Lowepro Versapack 200 AW, caught my eye. I was going to be visiting family in a week and thought it wouldn’t hurt to have something a bit more compact and lighter than my hard-core Lowepro Vertex 200 AW. So, I brought my gear in to the store (I wanted to see what would fit), was happy with the results and bought it.

While visiting family I didn’t need a huge camera kit, but still wanted to take some “work” photos, so I needed more than just my 60D (which I still brought, btw). Here’s what I was able to fit in the bag:

  • Canon 7D with grip (body cap on)
  • Canon 60D with 28mm f/2.8 lens attached
  • Canon 70-200 f/4 L IS lens
  • Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens
  • Lensbaby Composer lens
  • Giottos Rocket Blaster
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Wallet
  • Some miscellaneous cords and accessories
What I like about this bag:

  • It doesn’t look like a camera bag. It does come in a black color as well, but the color of the one I got doesn’t scream “photographer!”. That can be nice when walking around town, in an airport or just any random place where sometimes photographers aren’t welcome.
  • It has a separate compartment (on the top) for gear and other random stuff.
  • It fits really well under an airline seat and is definitely small enough for carry-on.

What I don’t like about this bag:

  • It doesn’t really sit very flat. As you can see in the photo above, it wants to fall over and that can make it difficult when quickly getting things in-and-out of the bag.
  • There is no little “side pouch” for putting anything small, like a phone. I don’t really put much in my pocket so it’s inconvenient to carry this around as my only bag since there’s no easy access for my iPhone.
  • The top pouch is kinda difficult to open and close. You have to lift the flap each time, and the odd shape and angle of the zipper makes it kind awkward.

Overall I like the bag a lot, and it was worth the purchase. The down-sides are not a deal-breaker for me, since the best thing I like about this is the size and look, and the fact that it holds quite a bit of gear. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a small camera bag for day-trips or travel.