Me and three (out of four) of my nieces and nephews taken earlier this month. I love these guys :)

Sometimes it’s difficult to think of things we’re thankful for … it can be easy to concentrate on the crap that’s filling our lives to recognize the good that is always there. I know that I’ve sure had my share of drama and heartache in the past few years, so this post is more for me to force myself to find the good in my life. I know it’s there, but that dark, lingering cloud is keeping them in the shadows … Thankfully I’m a photographer and know that sometimes the shade is where you can find the best light. :)

Here are the things that I’m thankful for:

  • I have a great family who loves me. They’re rarely nearby, but I know they support me and I’m always welcome back home.
  • I have an awesome job, I love my work and being a pro photographer is what I always wanted to do. I get to work from home, help other people and make cool photos for a living. That sure doesn’t suck. :)
  • I have a roof over my head and can pay my bills each month. I don’t really have a lot of worries in my life when it comes to basic needs.
  • I live in a beautiful place where I’ve met a bunch of other amazing photographers … I definitely made the right choice moving all the way out here.
  • I’m young, healthy and have an amazing life to live ahead of me.

Happy Thanksgiving :)