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Announcing: Salt City 50

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Re-posted with permission. More details here.

The new project Salt City 50 is a non-profit group that puts on exhibitions of photographic prints. Our first show is coming up very quick, and will be held at the Gallivan Center September 10th in conjunction with Broadway & Opera Under the Stars. This first show is limited to Utah photographers, so this is your shot to have your work beautifully displayed before a large, sophisticated audience.

It works like this:

1. Photographers submit their work ($10 submission fee per photo).
2. Salt City 50 juries the show, has the work printed and mounted, and promotes the exhibition.
3. Photographers may price their prints for purchase. If a piece doesn’t sell, the photographer gets the print.

We have big plans for the future, and it all starts right now.
Deadline for submissions for our first show is 11:59pm Friday, August 20.

The link: http://www.saltcity50.com/

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