Last week I went on a “vacation” to California with my friend Dave. We went to Disneyland (which I will never, ever visit again) and Universal Studios. It was fun … if being around thousands of people all day outdoors in too much sun getting nauseous on theme-park rides is your idea of fun. ;) Yeah, okay, so I was happy to come home to my quiet condo and sit in silence all by my lonesome. Thankfully Dave enjoyed himself much more than I did! :)

The cool thing about the trip was that I didn’t bring a camera with me. All of the photos I took were with my iPhone 4 … I was trying to “escape” from work and not make it about photography. It was fun to just use my iPhone for a change and not feel any pressure to get any spectacular photos. Heck, it was just a theme park so the photos would just be shared with friends anyways. Hopefully my next vacation will be someplace beautiful … and relaxing … that I’ll want to bring my camera to (crossing fingers). :)