Camera: iPhone 4, Editing App: Camera+ (Cross process effect)
(Click image for full-res)

Today I upgraded my iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4. I’d been on the fence about upgrading since I now have an iPad and I use it for all of my apps, web browsing, emailing and game-playing and my iPhone was only being used as a phone, to text/Twitter and to take photos with. Since I’m a photographer I was feeling the urge to get the improved camera (plus it’s nice to have video as well) and thought it was worth the $200 price-tag.

Also, just for the record, I wasn’t having any issues with iOS 4 and my iPhone 3G, and the new iPhone’s “antennae problems” probably won’t even affect me (I’m a right-handed phone talker and don’t “death grip” it, lol). I bought this phone purely as a camera upgrade, believe it or not. :)

The phone is, overall, much snappier, the screen is great and the camera’s image quality is amazing. So, it’s pretty much what I expected. :) I just love the fact that I can choose focus & exposure point, and also that I can get in much closer to my subject.

The image in this post was shot with the iPhone 4 and I used the Camera+ app to do the editing (just added a quick cross-process effect). If you’d like to take a closer look at the image then click here or on the image above to see the full-res version.