Exactly one year ago this month I moved to Utah. The past year has been challenging, in both good ways and bad, but I made it out the other side intact. I’d say I’m a changed person and have learned a lot about myself, both personally and professionally, and it never seems to stop. It’s always a wonderful thing when you can surprise yourself and accomplish something you didn’t think you could do, even when it’s a seemingly small task.

It’s quite appropriate that on my one-year anniversary of moving to Utah I participated in a Photowalking Utah event, a ladies-only photowalk at a rose garden in Salt Lake City on Saturday. The photography community in Utah is amazing … I’ve made so many friends because of it and I know I made the right choice when I packed up and settled down in the Salt Lake Valley.

I’ve mentioned this before in my blog but it’s so important that it’s worth repeating: Life is about people. I moved to Utah because of friends and photographers from the internet that I barely knew personally and had met only once or twice. I’ve gotten to know people all around the world and keep in touch with them because of iStock, Twitter, Flickr, etc, and my life has definitely changed for the better because of the people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made.