I subscribe to a lot of websites, most of them tech and photography-related, and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you. I have Google Reader opened up in a tab on Chrome at all times and I make an effort to read through all of the new articles every day. In a world of social-networking I tend to find out about blogs and websites through other people, so here’s my “two cents” on some of my faves:

Photofocus: I’ve been a fan of Photofocus for a long time, and I even wrote a few articles for them not too long ago. What I like about this site is that there are daily posts about photography, photo-editing software, and even sometimes some info on video and audio for those with video-capable DSLRs. You’ll see posts about composition, lighting, news, gear, etc, and the posts are usually nice and to the point (good for people with short attention spans!). If I could only read one photography-related blog then this would be the one.

Digital Photo Experience: This is another great blog for photographers. There are several contributing writers so you’ll always see a good variety of information about photography and photo-editing software. There are also a ton of really great beautiful photos on the blog in each post. Check it out!

Photoshop Insider: This is Scott Kelby’s blog, so you’re guaranteed to find out information on Photoshop, and also photography. It’s not as much of a “how-to” blog but a “here’s what’s going on” blog. I really like Scott’s writing style and it’s a good place to find out about happenings in the photography/Photoshop world.

DIY Photography: This is a really fun website to read. There are a bunch of un-conventional methods for do-it-yourself photography techniques. I’ve seen a few ideas just over the last week that I’m excited to try out on my own. It’s also a great place for the “budget minded” photographer. :)

Photoshop Disasters: If you’re a regular Photoshop user then you NEED to read this blog. It’s a very good “what not to do” when editing photos, especially if you do any design work.

This is Photobomb: Okay, this isn’t really a “photography” site, but more of a “nice laugh in the middle of the day” site. Seriously, if you’ve never seen this before you have to check it out. I’m also now on an ongoing mission to create my very own “photobombs”. ;)