Apple vs Acer

Yesterday I jumped into Photoshop and created a graphic that compares the resolution on my current monitor (Acer 22″ AL2223W) to the Apple 30″ display when working in Photoshop. BIG mistake. I’ve considered adding a second monitor to my desk, but since I use a Wacom tablet for everything I’ve decided against it—I don’t want to have my tablet split in half for each monitor, nor do I want to have to “jump” back and forth from screen-to-screen. So a “one-screen” setup seems like it would be the best for what I do, and now, after this little experiment … I want one!

Since the majority of the work I do is editing photos, having extra monitor real-estate is a big deal (pun intended). In the smaller screen setup (1680 x 1050) you can see that the amount of space I have to utilize for viewing a photo full-frame is quite small, but in the larger screen setup (2560 x 1600) that area is huge. It’s nearly the same size as my original 22″ monitor. That alone would be exponentially  awesome.

This is the stuff that makes my job difficult. I’m self employed so when I buy new tools like this it’s a tax write-off, and I have a feeling that it would significantly improve my efficiency and make working at my computer a bit easier. Also, I work at my computer all day long … it only makes sense that I would have the best equipment in front of me, right? But these suckers aren’t cheap … a brand new one is $1,799 (although I’m not opposed to buying a used or refurbished monitor to save $500). It’s not easy spending that kind of dinero.

What to do, what to do … if anyone has any opinions for or against a ginormous yet beautiful 30″ monitor please feel free to leave a comment below. :)